Saturday, September 13, 2008

A woman's perogative

Governor Sarah Palin, last night, seemed to have overcome the oncoming headlights from the night before. Not ideal, somewhat scripted, but she did come across more relaxed on her home turf of Wasilla.

However, I feel that her position on women’s reproductive rights is still going to be a point of contention for the campaign with “Hillary’s 1st Army,” on the march. I think acceptance of the lack-luster John McCain and a personable mommy-factor in Sarah Palin is not enough for this army to accept, contradicting their core beliefs.

Could Barack Obama who has two young daughters whom he loves so dearly and a wife whom is the rock his home-life is built on be so repugnant, so repulsive that American women will give up the values that they hold near and dear to just be thrown to the wind to have a woman be next in line for the presidency? If so, would be insane.

How many single moms/middle-class Americans can support weaker tax protection for their families and recalcitrant judicial appointments? How many more mothers will have to watch their children fight another war, initiated by poor judgment? How many rational Americans can continue to support those that condone the legalization of military assault weapons on our streets and the basic tenets of George W. Bush for four more years?

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