Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Johnny & Phil

A little birdy overheard this conversation between John McCain and Phil Graham while on the campaign trail:

Listen Phil, since this whole financial @#$% broke last week on Wall Street; I don’t know how we’re going to handle this. I know the O-man’s team is gonna rip a new one in me on Friday.

John, don’t worry about it. My good friend, how long have we’ve known each other, you big dumb swabbie? Look, I’ve been advising you all of these years. I ain’t going to leave you hangin’ like this. Repeat after me: We..are..going..to..the..White..House..together! I’m gonna get you through this one, too. Hank Paulson is a good man. I got a meeting with him, tomorrow….

I hope it’s a very private meeting ‘cause I don’t need to hear about it on MSNBC or CNN. Look, Phil, this country is in a mess and, for God’s sake, I’m not up to…….

Look, I don’t wanna hear it, John.

Did’ya hear George Will is pulling his support for me?

George is an intellectual jerk. Ahhh, your base don’t read anyway! I mean, they don't read him.

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