Friday, October 31, 2008

Where's Joe the Plumber?

.....Joe?....Joe? Has anyone seen Joe the Plumber?

As an ardent Obama supporter, I got to admit that I felt sorry for the Republican party presidential nominee at a rally in Ohio, yesterday. McCain looked embarrassed standing on the dais, wondering where his latest no-show gimmick, “Joe the Plumber” was.

They say Joe was cashing in at the time of the rally, trying to cut a recording deal? Cindy McCain looked like she has had enough and wants to pack it in and go home(s). Can’t blame her much. Going home(s) beats looking at the “plumber’s crack” all day and throwing down road-kill mooseburgers with the governor and kids.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!

Palin discusses her future with Rick Davis (McCain's campaign manager)

Rick, after the O-man’s 30-minute dig last night, with all due respect for our boy, the senator’s moose is cooked! Now, I agreed to come onboard to generate some interest in the campaign, but, lets face it: I did my job, but you didn’t do yours! Now that I got a li'l following, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. Sorry, Charlie, I got to think about my future.

What’a ya saying?

Hmmmm game show host sounds pretty good about now.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

My monumental moment!

Yesterday, in the nation's capitol, I am proud to say that I casted my vote in the most important election in human history for Senator Barack Obama!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dare to struggle, dare to win!

The following was inspired by fellow bloggers Jski1012 and Linebacker53 who spoke about the mean and hateful things that have been said about Senator Barack Obama.

I guess we were not “really” surprised as to what an Obama candidacy would bring out of America, if not the world. Racists’ and sexists’ worst fears are, now, upon us. Also, Senator Hillary Clinton and Governor Sarah Palin proved not to be immune.

As I have always stated, I am a 1st Amendment supporter and that is why I do not delete comments from my blogs. The hate-filled comments that we are subjected to should serve as evidence to the world of what type of people we coexist with. People of color and women are the majority people in the world and yet, quite often, we are at the bottom of the socio-economic totem pole while some wish it to remain that way.

Senator Barack Obama’s ascent as the nominated presidential candidate of the National Democratic Party of the United States of America…Wow!...has done so much to uplift the spirit, the esteem and has given hope to so many who heretofore had no dreams, nothing to look forward to.

This movement did not start with Senator Obama. It has been developing every since injustice and inequality has been practiced on these shores. Our DNC presidential candidate’s rise is the culmination of so many people of different backgrounds who fought to bring about fairness and opportunity to everyone in this society. Yet, pockets of recalcitrant haters still exist, a la the Ashley Todd-types, and perhaps, that is useful because it makes us appreciate all that we have gained together as a society.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The McCain Campaign: better than a reality show!

People, I talked to Senator McCain just after the final debate and I need to make some changes: new ads, new focus! If anybody got a problem with that, tell them to see me, Rick Davis.

Ah, Rick! Call for you….it’s Senator Grahm.

I’ll take it in my office, thank you.


Sir, I was just about to implement some cha…..


Thursday, October 16, 2008

"I am not George Bush....but, I love George Bush!

Senator Grahm….please hold for Senator McCain.


Hey, swabbie!


You knocked it out of the ballpark, matie! That was the best I’ve seen you. Good job.
Look, real quick….I talked to Bill-O this morning. He’s onboard, but he said he needed something, he needs a hook, he needs some red meat. Got an idea: a government with all Dems!


Imagine this: Democrats controlling both houses AND Pennsylvania Avenue! After the second session of Congress, the people will be begging for the GOP to come back. The Dems will be like kids in a candy shop. Spending will go through the roof and the deficit will be astronomical! So, what you need to do for the next twenty days is to push that fear to the people. That’s the hook Bill-O, your base and the indys need to hear. It’ll scare the hell out of the people that feel the markets have screwed them.

Hmmmm, one question, Phil: why did Fox’s poll say I won last night’s debate and everybody else said I lost?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bill-O & Phil: Early morning tete-a-tete

Bill-O returns Senator Phil Grahm's late night call:

oneyyyyy, it’s Bill O’Rileyyyyyy….

Thank you, Wendy-poo!

Bill-O! Hey, thanks for gettin’ back with me. Good morning.

No problem. Good morning, Senator.

Bill, I’m going to get to the point. Our guy is sweatin’ bullets and he needs to get a facelift. It’s T minus 20 days and we got to work together to turn this thing around for him. Now, I’m thinking that if our conservative friends in the media can get onboard, I mean REALLY get onboard; maybe we can stop some of the bleeding. I know Rush’s position on my guy. Your thoughts?

Well, Senator, have you talked to Rick Davis, yet?

No, I wanted to talk to you and a few others, first.

Senator, I’ll never say this in public, of course, but Senator McCain got serious issues. I want to assure you sir that I’m a devoted Republican and you know that. But I’m hard-pressed to prepare for my show everyday in support of our man when he doesn’t give me anything I can hang my hat on. With all due respect sir, how far can I take his POW experience….the war hero? His campaign is throwing out “economic decoys”: Reznick, Ayers, ACORN, trust. Senator, I want to go to bat for the senator, but he’s not giving me any red meat! At this point, he better hope that the “Bradley effect” kicks in. Like the kids say, “I’m just trying to keep it real,” sir.

I appreciate your honesty, Bill-O.

Senator, just give me something, anything! My people want to support him with their hearts and minds. But, honestly, they’re there only out of loyalty, now. [I] hope the debate goes well, tonight.

Thanks, Bill. I’ll get back with ya.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The weight of the world on his shoulders

I thought this was an excellent picture that speaks volumes, metaphorically, to the challenges this young man is facing. Yes we can!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Writing on the wall

….a desperate and introspective John McCain laying his burdens down with Phil Grahm

Hello, Phil?

Hey swabbie!

Phil, I got to talk to you! This whole thing is out of control! Did you hear that dumb-ass woman telling me that the O-man is an Arab? Phil, I’m tellin’ ya, everywhere I go I’m running into these crazed KKK-like lunatics asking me these ignorant questions and shouting radical epithets against Obama….it’s really scaring me. This is not the America I fought and sacrificed for!

John, we knew it wasn’t gonna be pretty. After what that nitwit in the White House put this party through, we knew it would be an up-hill struggle. And those boys on Wall Street just made matters worst. When the Keating-5 came to light, I thought my talk with those boys would have put everyone on notice that, ‘if you don’t want to be regulated, be self-regulated and you can make ALL the money you want under the radar.’ Nah, those boys got greedy and reckless. Hell, I didn’t think it would screw-up the whole world!

Phil, I’m gonna have to have a sit-down with Rick [Davis] to come up with a new strategy.

A new strategy?

Yeah, Phil, because the electoral map is dismal and based on what I see, the only way I could pull this thing off is that the O-man say or doing something really stupid and Obama is too smart for that. Sarah’s Alaska public trust sanction and Todd’s radical secessionist affiliations…..why didn’t we vet that Annie Oakley?

Swabbie, all is not lost, yet. I know Rush is not a big fan of yours, but I’m gonna put a call into him and ask that he talk-up your campaign. I’ll give Bill-O and Sean a call, too. We still have the debate on Wednesday, so let’s not give up the ship just yet. After all, I told the little-lady I’m gonna be the next Secretary of Treasury.

Well, tell Wendy to hold her horses ‘cause it ain’t looking too good. I’ll tell ya Phil, I’d rather lose this campaign than to see this country divided the way it was in the 1860s. Perhaps, just perhaps I can come out of this thing with a li’l self-respect. Ugh, only God knows what Bush is gonna leave the White House with.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Republican presidential rallies or lynch mobs?

Fueled by a sense of desperation, Republican presidential rallies have been peppered with shouts of “terrorist,” “Arab,” “bomb,” “alien” and “kill him” directed at Senator Obama.

It became so bad at a GOP rally yesterday that Senator McCain got fed-up with the amount of hatred and ignorance his base is spewing that he spoke out against it, calling Senator Obama, “a decent, family man, [a] citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with.” Apparently, it has become quite clear to Senator McCain that his campaign is spiraling out of control. It is this writer’s opinion that the McCain Campaign manager, Rick Davis, is directing this presidential campaign in an effort to divert our attention from the economic crisis at hand. Governor Sarah Palin is becoming a drag on McCain as a result of a bipartisan Alaska legislative committee finding her in violation of the public trust.

The Republican presidential candidate, in the eleventh hour of this political cycle, is trying to salvage what self-respect he has and love for this nation by rejecting the stoking of hatred for Senator Obama, instigated by the far-right fringe elements of our society.

Strapped by a political “perfect storm” of two on-going ground wars, the worst international financial disaster seen in years, the worst sitting president, declining poll numbers and an erratic campaign, Senator McCain’s efforts are, perhaps, too little…too late.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"But Phil, I did my best!"

Debate Prologue

Senator Barack Obama said, essentially, Senator McCain’s campaign lacks ideas, a plan and time! Hence, the shout to kill Senator Barack Obama at a recent Governor Palin rally, the reason to sling epithets and slurs is an attempt to win at any cost. Is that cost making country first or is that cost making Senator McCain first?

The Debate

Senator McCain needed to knock Senator Obama out of the ring, but he didn’t! Sure, last night, there was not much that we have not heard before. But I think, according to Senator McCain, “that one, Senator Obama” presented himself more presidential and didn’t permit Senator McCain to misrepresent his position on health care and foreign affairs. God bless him, the Arizona senator did the best he could to connect with the electorate, but his best just wasn’t good enough last night. He latched onto the retired naval CPO who asked the question about the security of Israel. Senator McCain got so excited I thought he was going to ask him out for a date after the debate.

As I stated before, I still feel a generational/personality difference between the two senators. This difference is manifested in how they interact with each other and their positions they’ve taken. For example, Senator Obama has been more conciliatory and complimentary when his opponent says something that he agrees with in these debates. Where as Senator McCain is recalcitrant. Also, in the first debate, Senator McCain failed to make eye contact with Senator Obama. I cite these finer observations because it is important when interacting with those that do not agree with you. To have these interpersonal skills can bring adversaries to your side or at the least, find common ground. Senator McCain quoted President Theodore Roosevelt, “speak softly and carry a big stick”. There is not much about Senator McCain that leads me to believe that the senator is prepared to talk, constructively, with our adversaries.

Debate Epilogue

When I view events such as the debates, I tend to go back and forth between CNN, MSNBC, FNC and CSPAN. It never ceases to amaze me how polling outcomes are vastly different between the “news services”. It appeared, again, that we were looking at entirely different events. The conventional thought is that voters gravitate to the news service that most supports their political views.

However, what must be obvious to us all, as of this writing, is that Senator McCain is down in the polls and is in the proverbial “kitchen sink” attack mode. I have doubts about the senator’s ability to change his fate by only making a case of Senator Obama’s pass relationships in light of his own questionable relationships and the all-consuming economic crisis we find ourselves in.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Nowhere else, but up?

Fact: this debate was all about who is the real Sarah Palin and can she save Sen. McCain’s lack-luster performance?

Last night, it appeared that I was witnessing the Sarah Palin from the RNC in St. Paul, this summer. She was glib, enthusiastic and seemed confident in her ability to get her thoughts across to the public.

In my piece entitled, “Beware of Deception” I wrote about the attributes of guerrilla warfare. Yesterday evening, Gov. Palin used such tactics, for obvious reasons. With pat responses and question evasion, she deflected the serious issues of the debate and wooed the viewers with her smoke screen folksy persona that left me wondering, ‘which Sarah Palin is present, tonight?’ Is she the dingbat from the Charles Gibson and Katie Couric interviews or is she the vivacious new infusion that the Republican Party so sorely needed?

If she is this new infusion, God bless her because the GOP is pale and anemic. The McCain/Palin Campaign just pulled up stakes in that great motor-state of Michigan, obviously, because they felt it would be a waste of their resources to pursue those hard working Americans, any longer. Or is the governor just a well prepared dingbat, oooh boy!

Will the real John McCain and Sarah Palin, please stand-up? America, can we really afford to entrust the future of this country to the erratic McCain/Palin ticket?