Friday, October 3, 2008

Nowhere else, but up?

Fact: this debate was all about who is the real Sarah Palin and can she save Sen. McCain’s lack-luster performance?

Last night, it appeared that I was witnessing the Sarah Palin from the RNC in St. Paul, this summer. She was glib, enthusiastic and seemed confident in her ability to get her thoughts across to the public.

In my piece entitled, “Beware of Deception” I wrote about the attributes of guerrilla warfare. Yesterday evening, Gov. Palin used such tactics, for obvious reasons. With pat responses and question evasion, she deflected the serious issues of the debate and wooed the viewers with her smoke screen folksy persona that left me wondering, ‘which Sarah Palin is present, tonight?’ Is she the dingbat from the Charles Gibson and Katie Couric interviews or is she the vivacious new infusion that the Republican Party so sorely needed?

If she is this new infusion, God bless her because the GOP is pale and anemic. The McCain/Palin Campaign just pulled up stakes in that great motor-state of Michigan, obviously, because they felt it would be a waste of their resources to pursue those hard working Americans, any longer. Or is the governor just a well prepared dingbat, oooh boy!

Will the real John McCain and Sarah Palin, please stand-up? America, can we really afford to entrust the future of this country to the erratic McCain/Palin ticket?

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