Sunday, November 30, 2008

Billy-Boy's Penitence

Hill and Bill over her prospective appointment as U.S. Secretary of State

I’ve been playin’ second fiddle to your ego, your interests and your women for over thirty years! Now......make no mistake about it, Billy Boy.....this is my time and you ain’t going to screw it up!

Baby, I know you’ve sacrificed a lot for me and this country and I’m truly indebted to you for what you’ve done. I stand here, today, and pledge to you that I will continue to do all I can to make your dreams come true.

Oh, Bill! Cut the crap. Just keep your zipper up and your mouth shut!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving thoughts

As I mature, I take more stock in the smaller joys of life and I find myself, gleefully, thankful for them.

In this time of economic uncertainty and as a small business owner, you would think a more robust and steady cash flow would be my end-all to happiness. But, I'm hear to say that that would be great, but I'm finding more happiness in much smaller things that offset my uneasiness about the economy. Just to cite a few: my niece naming her son after me, my wife bringing home shrimp fried rice, my 84-year young mother calling me and saying she feels great and happy to be alive, my buddy who is the "Donald Trump" of our circle of friends telling me I gave him a good idea, the sun burning the chill off a cold winter morning.

Most of you know how much Barack Obama's victory means to me, but what I really enjoy is riding my bicycle! Yes, you heard me right....riding my bike really makes me feel good! I guess it has something to do with exercising and the release of endorphins into the blood stream.

With rush-hour traffic being a bear in D.C. and the cost of gas being all over the map, I put Ol' Blue in the garage and bought a Bianchi Axis bicycle two years ago. I bought the latest biking apparel and I've been told that I look pretty cool in it, too! I'm, definitely, ready for the road. At 57, my family and friends think I'm out of my mind. My wife thinks it's just an extension of my mid-life crises, but I think it's the greatest way to get around in D.C. For the purpose of full disclosure, I have to admit that I was involved in an accident. A car struck me and fractured my leg. But, that didn't stop the "biker-kid" for long. I continue to ride, daily, and for that among so many other things of course, I am truly thankful.

By the way, if the Lord is willin' and the creek don't rise, my plan to ride from coast-to-coast will be a reality!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joe got his knife back?


Joe lap dog! (chuckle) Keyes…Alan Keyes!

Lap dog? You were a lap dog before me! (chuckle) Hey, Alan.

Joe, seriously, I just want to congratulate you and tell you how much I admire what you did for John McCain and to also say how surprise I am at the fact that the Dems didn’t crucify your ass! Man, Obama is one shrewd dude.

Yeah, he’s really playing his cards right.

Joe, you know you were sitting on death row, but Obama is playing to the world how “forgiving” he can be by giving you a pardon. If someone had done what you did from the Republican Party, they would have been whacked in a New York minute.

But, Alan, that’s so last century. Barack is up to something. I don’t think I’m going to get off that easy. Eventually, I’m going to have to face the music in Connecticut. I think he’s got something much grander up his sleeve and I’m just going to have to see how this thing plays out.

Hmmmm, you’re probably got a point. But, however it plays out; it ain’t going to be in your favor.

I’m not sure about that, Alan. I might end up looking good until the next cycle, but the Republicans can end up looking worst. Obama, I think is trying to come off looking like a unifier by propping me up, the fallen angel, and the reprisals by the GOP-right will show the nation and the world just how recalcitrant and out of touch they are. Hence; fostering less confidence in that elephant-of-a-party!

That dude is shrewd!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Bush/Obama meeting


Mr. President, thank you for your gracious hospitality.

Ah, hell....back home, I would've broke out the grill and barbequed-up a steer for ya! Look, Barack…you're goin' to be in this exclusive club real soon. How about we dispense with the formalities...... (chuckle) call me George or you can just call me plain old "W" !

Okay, George?

I'm glad we're havin' this sit-down 'cause I'm pleased-as-punch that America has risen to the point where we could put aside all that foolishness from the past and elect a Negro. I take great pride of all I've done for your people, with Colin and Condi high up in my cabinet. Did you know I've done more for Africa than previous presidents? Yes, sir! And I'm goin' to do even more than Bill Clinton when I leave office. You see, what bugs me, Barack, is that the American people don't really understand me. Oh, I know I don't speak all flowery like you and I made a few mistakes (as you will, too) but I love this country very much and all I wanted was the best for it. Just maybe, my best wasn't good enough. I think history will be kind to me.

I'm sure you tried, George.

Janet, the president's personal secretary, enters the oval office with a pleasant smile, bringing a silver platter with a silver pot of sassafras tea and large deli cookies and places it on a table near the two men. The president thanks her as she turns to leave. President Bush rises and begins serving the president-elect.

Barack, I don't care what those talkin' heads say about me, but being president is OJT, on-the-job training. I'll never forget when I first heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center. I was reading to some kids and my aide interrupted me and whispered in my ear what turned out to be the bane of my existence. I'll tell ya, I was numb with shock. I didn't know what to do! I felt like sayin', 'hey, somebody turn on CNN and let’s hear what the president has to say!". But, I am the president. What do I do next? It was times like that that causes a man to go deep within to find the answer. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I prayed on it. I asked God for direction and I did what I thought was best for America. I wanted to look presidential, to give the American people the confidence that I was in control!

Yes, Mr. President, that was a difficult time for everyone.

Barack, don’t let America’s existence in Iraq be for naught.

Mr. President, I understand the importance of our presence, there. But, I am also mindful of the human cost these wars have been and the toll it has taken on this country’s credibility. With all due respect, sir, I think we lost our direction after 9/11. I believe we should have been focused on where the terrorists reside. By doing so, we could have maintained the support of the American people and our allies throughout the world. Mr. President, I was not privy to the information that you and your advisers had at hand at the time you committed our troops to that part of the world, but today, the American people have given me a mandate to bring an end to the war in Iraq, a responsible end with dignity. My team looks forward to working with your administration to make that possible. Just as important is our concerned about the economy. I have selected a well respected person to be my secretary of treasury and I’ll be announcing my selection in short order. As you were so gracious in meeting with me, I’m looking forward to you doing what is needed to settle the markets and to appease the members of the upcoming G-20 meeting.

My goodness that sounded very presidential. Barack you can count on me and my staff to do all we can for you.

Mr. President, I know it is customary for the out-going president to take certain executive actions at the eleventh hour. I just want to remind you that there is a lot at stake, here. I only ask that you be cognizant of that.

Mr. President-elect, you have my word on that!

Laura Bush and Michelle Obama enter the oval office. Both men rise to their feet and kiss their respective wives on the cheek.

Come on….Laura and I will walk you to the door.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Washington area finest

I commend the Fairfax Fire and Rescue for, immediately, dispatching their world-wide respected rescue team to the beleaguered island-state of Haiti, where thirty children were killed after the collapse of their school building.

Thank you!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Political Decompression

Perhaps you feel like me. I am emotionally and physically spent!

As one who has done D.C. Marathons, Marine Corps Marathons, New York City Marathons, biathlons and umpteen 10K races, my body and mind feels equally exhausted after completing this political cycle.

I can only imagine what President-elect Obama and Senator McCain must feel like. Especially Senator McCain at seventy-two years of age!

After fielding the many phone calls, emails, debriefing meetings with friends, I just want to shut-down and rest. I have not had a sound-night’s sleep in the last two weeks because I have been consumed with work and anticipation of the things to come.

If you feel like me, let’s do something nice for ourselves. I plan to take a nice swim and treat myself to a massage.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can!

Dedicated to my father, “Pastor Ray” 1922 – 1998

A wake-up call from my father:

Son, son…wake-up! How can you sleep? History has been made!

Hey, Dad. What? What’s going on? DID HE GET IT??? Did he win? Barack, won?

Yes, boy! Get your butt up and celebrate with the world!

Oh my God! We really did it, Dad!

Yes, son, victory is ours!

Dad, I wish you could be with me, now.

What are you talking ‘bout, ya big dummy? I’m always with you. I never left ya. Who do you think helped you to close that big contract you were working on for so long? Who do you think kept, that big ol’ Thoroughbred from crushing you when you two tripped over that six-foot fence? Who do you think guided the doctor’s scalpel in your surgery? It was the Big Guy and me, that’s who!

Thanks, Dad. I guess I’ve always felt your spirit with me. But, I just want you here to see Barack and the inspiration that he has given to so many us.

Boy, I knew all about that young man before you did and that’s why I got together with all of my buddies up here to make sure he would become the 44th President of the United States.

Dad, did you and your buds have the same issues about Barack’s candidacy as we have down here?

Ugh (chuckle). Son, we don’t have issues….we have grace. Everyone is represented, here: black, white, red, yellow and brown people. All of that foolishness we had on earth, stayed on earth. You know, when I think about it, earthly issues seem so stupid to me now. In my 75 years down there, I saw folks squabble over stupid stuff…and that’s all it was…stuff!

Yeah, Dad. I guess I see it, too. Who makes the most money? Who has the biggest house? Who has the latest clothes? Who controls the most land? You’re right…it’s just stuff.

Son, do you remember in ‘63, when I was ill and the doctors didn’t have a clue as to what my problem was?

Sure, Dad! How could I forget? You were in the hospital for three months and to a kid like me, it felt like a lifetime. In those days we weren’t allowed on the hospital floor.

Well, we lost John Kennedy during that time…...

Yeah, I remember calling your hospital room to tell you about President Kennedy and when the nurse answered the phone all I heard was what sounded like a man crying.

Yeah, son. It was me. I felt the same way about JFK as you do about Barack.

Dad, as a kid, I memorized the names of all of President Kennedy’s cabinet members. I can’t say I remembered any administration cabinet members’ names, since.

Hey, son…I’m going to have to run, shortly. I’ll be breaking bread with Jack Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin, Strom, George Wallace and others in celebration of Barack’s …..

Dad, Dad, excuse me, but….did you just say Strom Thurmond and George Wallace? What are they doing up…?

Son, like I said, all of that foolishness that started on earth, remains on earth. As a matter of fact, George is my Bid Whist partner, up here! Barack won’t be successful unless he has everyone working together like we do up here. Again, it won’t be easy, but it can be done. Jack said we could put a man on the moon and we did it! Now, get your butt up and get going. Do your part to help make America a proud country. Give your mother a big hug for me….love ya, son.

I love you, too…Dad!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A grandmother's love!


My heart-felt sympathy goes out to you and your family. Rest assured that your beloved grandmother will always be with you. Because of her love and support, you have been prepared for the task at hand.

Be strong, senator! Your pain will endureth for a night...but joy comes in the morning.

A dream no longer deferred

Well, we are coming to the end of a hard-fought fight, folks! Tomorrow is the big day. I will be busy doing last minute campaigning for my guy. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect and express my gratitude to those I have interacted with over the last twenty-one months.

In all my years of participating and observing political cycles, this by far has been the most exciting and rewarding cycle of them all.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has written me, called me, beat me up, cursed me and complimented me in my effort to express myself on these all too important issues of our time. I have grown and I think our society has become better as a result of this exercise we call electoral democracy.

I look forward to commenting on the new administration’s successes and failures in hopes of maintaining this new interest in civic studies and to make this country a place that we can all be proud of, once again.

In the parting words of the great Edward R. Murrow, good night and good luck!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

My greatest honor!

This is no “stock photo”, folks. This is my 84-year young mother.

Yesterday, while preparing to take this photo, I got misty-eyed because I knew that this is the most important vote of her lifetime and, perhaps the last presidential vote she will cast.

Mother-dear was rushed to the emergency ward last Monday, the day before I was to take her to vote. I stayed with her all day in the hospital until my sister relieved me. While there, I read and prayed with her. She asked if I thought she would be out in time to vote for "O-baby" , her term of endearment for Senator Barack Obama. She was released from the hospital, Thursday.

While waiting her turn at the polls, we saw other seniors of all races in wheelchairs, walkers, those being assisted by family members. We had never seen such an election turn-out like this before. Everyone was so helpful to one another and gleeful with anticipation. The whole process took no more than thirty minutes, but emotionally, it was the best thirty minutes we shared with our fellow Washingtonians in a longtime!

So, if you know a senior or someone who maybe challenged to get to the polls on Tuesday, do what I have been doing because it feels so good.

Thanks, Mom, for the privilege and the honor you gave me!