Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving thoughts

As I mature, I take more stock in the smaller joys of life and I find myself, gleefully, thankful for them.

In this time of economic uncertainty and as a small business owner, you would think a more robust and steady cash flow would be my end-all to happiness. But, I'm hear to say that that would be great, but I'm finding more happiness in much smaller things that offset my uneasiness about the economy. Just to cite a few: my niece naming her son after me, my wife bringing home shrimp fried rice, my 84-year young mother calling me and saying she feels great and happy to be alive, my buddy who is the "Donald Trump" of our circle of friends telling me I gave him a good idea, the sun burning the chill off a cold winter morning.

Most of you know how much Barack Obama's victory means to me, but what I really enjoy is riding my bicycle! Yes, you heard me right....riding my bike really makes me feel good! I guess it has something to do with exercising and the release of endorphins into the blood stream.

With rush-hour traffic being a bear in D.C. and the cost of gas being all over the map, I put Ol' Blue in the garage and bought a Bianchi Axis bicycle two years ago. I bought the latest biking apparel and I've been told that I look pretty cool in it, too! I'm, definitely, ready for the road. At 57, my family and friends think I'm out of my mind. My wife thinks it's just an extension of my mid-life crises, but I think it's the greatest way to get around in D.C. For the purpose of full disclosure, I have to admit that I was involved in an accident. A car struck me and fractured my leg. But, that didn't stop the "biker-kid" for long. I continue to ride, daily, and for that among so many other things of course, I am truly thankful.

By the way, if the Lord is willin' and the creek don't rise, my plan to ride from coast-to-coast will be a reality!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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Antoinette said...

Thanks Uncle Mike.... I'm thankful for an uncle great enough for my son to carry his name. Love you more than you know.

Toni P.