Thursday, November 6, 2008

Political Decompression

Perhaps you feel like me. I am emotionally and physically spent!

As one who has done D.C. Marathons, Marine Corps Marathons, New York City Marathons, biathlons and umpteen 10K races, my body and mind feels equally exhausted after completing this political cycle.

I can only imagine what President-elect Obama and Senator McCain must feel like. Especially Senator McCain at seventy-two years of age!

After fielding the many phone calls, emails, debriefing meetings with friends, I just want to shut-down and rest. I have not had a sound-night’s sleep in the last two weeks because I have been consumed with work and anticipation of the things to come.

If you feel like me, let’s do something nice for ourselves. I plan to take a nice swim and treat myself to a massage.


Barbara said...

Mike, Push that rubber ducky, mask, and flippers out of the way!! You may be getting a call to be President Obama's Press Secretary soon!

microbrother said...

LOL ! sure, Barb.