Sunday, November 2, 2008

My greatest honor!

This is no “stock photo”, folks. This is my 84-year young mother.

Yesterday, while preparing to take this photo, I got misty-eyed because I knew that this is the most important vote of her lifetime and, perhaps the last presidential vote she will cast.

Mother-dear was rushed to the emergency ward last Monday, the day before I was to take her to vote. I stayed with her all day in the hospital until my sister relieved me. While there, I read and prayed with her. She asked if I thought she would be out in time to vote for "O-baby" , her term of endearment for Senator Barack Obama. She was released from the hospital, Thursday.

While waiting her turn at the polls, we saw other seniors of all races in wheelchairs, walkers, those being assisted by family members. We had never seen such an election turn-out like this before. Everyone was so helpful to one another and gleeful with anticipation. The whole process took no more than thirty minutes, but emotionally, it was the best thirty minutes we shared with our fellow Washingtonians in a longtime!

So, if you know a senior or someone who maybe challenged to get to the polls on Tuesday, do what I have been doing because it feels so good.

Thanks, Mom, for the privilege and the honor you gave me!

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yummy411 said...

thank you for documenting this! how special a day that was!