Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can!

Dedicated to my father, “Pastor Ray” 1922 – 1998

A wake-up call from my father:

Son, son…wake-up! How can you sleep? History has been made!

Hey, Dad. What? What’s going on? DID HE GET IT??? Did he win? Barack, won?

Yes, boy! Get your butt up and celebrate with the world!

Oh my God! We really did it, Dad!

Yes, son, victory is ours!

Dad, I wish you could be with me, now.

What are you talking ‘bout, ya big dummy? I’m always with you. I never left ya. Who do you think helped you to close that big contract you were working on for so long? Who do you think kept, that big ol’ Thoroughbred from crushing you when you two tripped over that six-foot fence? Who do you think guided the doctor’s scalpel in your surgery? It was the Big Guy and me, that’s who!

Thanks, Dad. I guess I’ve always felt your spirit with me. But, I just want you here to see Barack and the inspiration that he has given to so many us.

Boy, I knew all about that young man before you did and that’s why I got together with all of my buddies up here to make sure he would become the 44th President of the United States.

Dad, did you and your buds have the same issues about Barack’s candidacy as we have down here?

Ugh (chuckle). Son, we don’t have issues….we have grace. Everyone is represented, here: black, white, red, yellow and brown people. All of that foolishness we had on earth, stayed on earth. You know, when I think about it, earthly issues seem so stupid to me now. In my 75 years down there, I saw folks squabble over stupid stuff…and that’s all it was…stuff!

Yeah, Dad. I guess I see it, too. Who makes the most money? Who has the biggest house? Who has the latest clothes? Who controls the most land? You’re right…it’s just stuff.

Son, do you remember in ‘63, when I was ill and the doctors didn’t have a clue as to what my problem was?

Sure, Dad! How could I forget? You were in the hospital for three months and to a kid like me, it felt like a lifetime. In those days we weren’t allowed on the hospital floor.

Well, we lost John Kennedy during that time…...

Yeah, I remember calling your hospital room to tell you about President Kennedy and when the nurse answered the phone all I heard was what sounded like a man crying.

Yeah, son. It was me. I felt the same way about JFK as you do about Barack.

Dad, as a kid, I memorized the names of all of President Kennedy’s cabinet members. I can’t say I remembered any administration cabinet members’ names, since.

Hey, son…I’m going to have to run, shortly. I’ll be breaking bread with Jack Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin, Strom, George Wallace and others in celebration of Barack’s …..

Dad, Dad, excuse me, but….did you just say Strom Thurmond and George Wallace? What are they doing up…?

Son, like I said, all of that foolishness that started on earth, remains on earth. As a matter of fact, George is my Bid Whist partner, up here! Barack won’t be successful unless he has everyone working together like we do up here. Again, it won’t be easy, but it can be done. Jack said we could put a man on the moon and we did it! Now, get your butt up and get going. Do your part to help make America a proud country. Give your mother a big hug for me….love ya, son.

I love you, too…Dad!


blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Well....BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is the 44th president of these United States!

We HAVE overcome...

We HAVE arrived...

This time has come for America...

The tide has now been redirected...

We ARE more than conquerors.

yummy411 said...

wow that was beautiful. thanks!