Monday, November 3, 2008

A dream no longer deferred

Well, we are coming to the end of a hard-fought fight, folks! Tomorrow is the big day. I will be busy doing last minute campaigning for my guy. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect and express my gratitude to those I have interacted with over the last twenty-one months.

In all my years of participating and observing political cycles, this by far has been the most exciting and rewarding cycle of them all.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has written me, called me, beat me up, cursed me and complimented me in my effort to express myself on these all too important issues of our time. I have grown and I think our society has become better as a result of this exercise we call electoral democracy.

I look forward to commenting on the new administration’s successes and failures in hopes of maintaining this new interest in civic studies and to make this country a place that we can all be proud of, once again.

In the parting words of the great Edward R. Murrow, good night and good luck!


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