Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bill-O & Phil: Early morning tete-a-tete

Bill-O returns Senator Phil Grahm's late night call:

oneyyyyy, it’s Bill O’Rileyyyyyy….

Thank you, Wendy-poo!

Bill-O! Hey, thanks for gettin’ back with me. Good morning.

No problem. Good morning, Senator.

Bill, I’m going to get to the point. Our guy is sweatin’ bullets and he needs to get a facelift. It’s T minus 20 days and we got to work together to turn this thing around for him. Now, I’m thinking that if our conservative friends in the media can get onboard, I mean REALLY get onboard; maybe we can stop some of the bleeding. I know Rush’s position on my guy. Your thoughts?

Well, Senator, have you talked to Rick Davis, yet?

No, I wanted to talk to you and a few others, first.

Senator, I’ll never say this in public, of course, but Senator McCain got serious issues. I want to assure you sir that I’m a devoted Republican and you know that. But I’m hard-pressed to prepare for my show everyday in support of our man when he doesn’t give me anything I can hang my hat on. With all due respect sir, how far can I take his POW experience….the war hero? His campaign is throwing out “economic decoys”: Reznick, Ayers, ACORN, trust. Senator, I want to go to bat for the senator, but he’s not giving me any red meat! At this point, he better hope that the “Bradley effect” kicks in. Like the kids say, “I’m just trying to keep it real,” sir.

I appreciate your honesty, Bill-O.

Senator, just give me something, anything! My people want to support him with their hearts and minds. But, honestly, they’re there only out of loyalty, now. [I] hope the debate goes well, tonight.

Thanks, Bill. I’ll get back with ya.

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