Thursday, October 16, 2008

"I am not George Bush....but, I love George Bush!

Senator Grahm….please hold for Senator McCain.


Hey, swabbie!


You knocked it out of the ballpark, matie! That was the best I’ve seen you. Good job.
Look, real quick….I talked to Bill-O this morning. He’s onboard, but he said he needed something, he needs a hook, he needs some red meat. Got an idea: a government with all Dems!


Imagine this: Democrats controlling both houses AND Pennsylvania Avenue! After the second session of Congress, the people will be begging for the GOP to come back. The Dems will be like kids in a candy shop. Spending will go through the roof and the deficit will be astronomical! So, what you need to do for the next twenty days is to push that fear to the people. That’s the hook Bill-O, your base and the indys need to hear. It’ll scare the hell out of the people that feel the markets have screwed them.

Hmmmm, one question, Phil: why did Fox’s poll say I won last night’s debate and everybody else said I lost?

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