Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dare to struggle, dare to win!

The following was inspired by fellow bloggers Jski1012 and Linebacker53 who spoke about the mean and hateful things that have been said about Senator Barack Obama.

I guess we were not “really” surprised as to what an Obama candidacy would bring out of America, if not the world. Racists’ and sexists’ worst fears are, now, upon us. Also, Senator Hillary Clinton and Governor Sarah Palin proved not to be immune.

As I have always stated, I am a 1st Amendment supporter and that is why I do not delete comments from my blogs. The hate-filled comments that we are subjected to should serve as evidence to the world of what type of people we coexist with. People of color and women are the majority people in the world and yet, quite often, we are at the bottom of the socio-economic totem pole while some wish it to remain that way.

Senator Barack Obama’s ascent as the nominated presidential candidate of the National Democratic Party of the United States of America…Wow!...has done so much to uplift the spirit, the esteem and has given hope to so many who heretofore had no dreams, nothing to look forward to.

This movement did not start with Senator Obama. It has been developing every since injustice and inequality has been practiced on these shores. Our DNC presidential candidate’s rise is the culmination of so many people of different backgrounds who fought to bring about fairness and opportunity to everyone in this society. Yet, pockets of recalcitrant haters still exist, a la the Ashley Todd-types, and perhaps, that is useful because it makes us appreciate all that we have gained together as a society.

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