Sunday, September 21, 2008


The current turbulent financial crises, possibly amounting to the tune of one trillion dollars, and the equally disastrous middle-eastern wars must now be resolved in a non-partisan and even in a non-denominational manner more than ever.

As a result of this domino catastrophe, it is imperative for the best minds and those with the best intentions to roll-up their sleeves and tackle these problems with every citizen. For the purpose of full disclosure, I am a Democrat and a supporter of Senator Barack Obama, as well as a Christian.

Judgment/leadership is the preeminent dual nouns in developing the right solution to these problems. If the survival of my family depends on the administration that possesses these attributes, it is not important to me if there is a “D”, “R” or an “I” after their names. However, after what I have witnessed in this election cycle, it is pretty difficult for me to rely on John McCain, the senator who thought the economy was fundamentally strong and who, occasionally, gets confused about geography and the names of warring factions. In reality, regardless of who is in office, taxes must be raised and belt-tightening will be necessary. There maybe even a need to have the draft reinstated.

Can you imagine your financial future, the lives of your sons and daughters in the hands of someone whose judgment/leadership abilities are in question, someone who is still defining himself?

........not with my family, not with my money and not with my country!

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