Thursday, September 25, 2008

How much is that puppy in the window?

Joe, this is Keyes…Alan Keyes! Hey, man…I just read about what the Connecticut Dems did to ya.

Oh, hey Alan. Yeah, I thought that was pretty cold. Uh, I don’t know what to do, now. I guess I, sorta, know how you feel? Oh, btw, I loved your “absolute morality” shtick.

Yeah, I think we got something in common. Joe, I was thinking that, maybe, we need to start our own political party.


Yeah Joe! There’s a lot of folk out there that’s got this political “identity” problem. Nah, let me re-phrase that: the “public” thinks we have a problem. We just have a different take on the political landscape….that’s all. Check it out: we can get Michael Steele and Armstrong Williams. Maybe we can get that ex-Steeler, Lynn Swann! We’ll be able to pull all of the disillusioned dems, repubs and indys.

Okay, Alan…that might work. Perhaps, in 2012, we can make a run for the White House!

Yeah, Joe…that’s the ticket!

Yeah, and I can become president!

Uh, Joe…I’m going to be the presidential candidate.

No, Alan. Obama will be the first black president. I think I should be the first Jewish president!

Whose idea is this? Mine! If you think you’re going to be president before me, you’re crazy! It’s my time! I’m tired of being everybody’s lap dog! This is just your first time!

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