Friday, September 5, 2008

Swan Song

The Republican Presidential Nominee, John McCain, a historically boring speaker, went deeper than I have ever seen him go to present himself as the man he wants us to choose as the next President of the United States.

Inspirationally, the senator never had the ability to move me and perhaps never will. But, I did come away with a better understanding of his POW experience in Viet Nam. He stated, again, that he was self-centered and did not really have a sense of patriotism until he was at his lowest and then received assistance from fellow POWs. Hmmm, how dare other folks confess such sentiments?

Obviously, Viet Nam is the senator’s strongest life experience. But, o.k. how many more times are we going to have to endure this experience with him? The sign of true humility is to hush about life-altering episodes and allow others to sing your praises. If you are blessed to live long enough, you too, will experience tough times.

Senator McCain did bash the abuses of the Bush Administration, but did not offer substantive solutions. Drill, drill, drill should not be the mantra for energy independence. Bomb Iran, bomb Iran should not be a McCain Administration theme song because these slogans suggest the continuation of the Bush legacy. After twenty five years of being entrenched in the political system in Washington, surrounding yourself with lobbyist/handlers and bear-hugging George W. Bush is not the best way to extricate yourself as the change agent you want to be. Is that why the "Maverick" leans on Governor Palin so much?

Yesterday evening, in St. Paul, was Senator John Sidney McCain’s attempt at giving a most passionate swan song.


Anonymous said...

I just have to comment on a video found on the Huffington Report in which Ms. Huffington interviewed African American Republicans in the lobby of the convention.

I'm not a GOPer; however, it was widely reported that their were 36 Black delegates at the Republican convention. 36. The VP candidate Palin is used being strategically to target WHITE female voters. You hear nothing about inclusiveness nor did we see it at this convention. I'll tell something else that was noticeable and that was that we didn't see very many Latinos either and it doesn't appear that the MCCain campaign is particularly worried about them either.

I guess I could understand if they were Independents more so than Republicans. But to stick with a party that truly gives you only lip service and could care less if you were there or not. You say "Well how could you make such a statment?". That's because if the GOP wanted minorities membership we would have seen more than 36 of them at this convention.

Funny, When you take a look at this video, 8 Blacks of the 36 at the convention are in the video....and yes they are all with each other. Why? because in reality they don't make a difference to the GOP one way or the other.

By the way, I've heard of the old argument that the Blacks in the past belonged to the Republican party....we that was back in the day when Lincoln was President...and they didn't want us back then either!

Place your vote where you have some impact on issues. One of the gentleman gave the age old brainwashed excuse that those with money create jobs to keep the economy going....where have they kept their heads buried in the sand...

It sounds so lofty to say that King stood for allowing Blacks to be able to have a choice in our society...but I bet you he would have also saw the importance of having an African American President of the United States and he wouldn't not have missed its significance...unlike the 8 Blacks in this video....I feel sorry for them because they are reaping the rewards of Dr. King but don't want to contribute to the cause....

Lady K

Blogger said...

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