Saturday, September 20, 2008

There’s a new sheriff in town and he has big ……

Perhaps I am only stating the obvious here, but I will state it anyway. But first, let us dismiss with all of the perfunctory excuses (e.g. lack of experience, he’s unknown, elitism, exotic) for why Senator Barack Obama is deemed not acceptable by a greater percentage of the American electorate and state it like it truly is: Ears…okay…he has big ears!

Today, the whole world is laughing at the stupidity and earism of this symbol of freedom called America. After the meteoric blunder of the Bush Administration for the last eight years, for what other reason could this election cycle be so close?

Now, there it is: Big Ears.

America would rather shoot itself in the foot before it would elect one of the most intelligent and able men that this country has produced who seeks the highest office in the land. A recent poll stated that Americans between eighteen and thirty-nine years of age preferred Obama over McCain. That tells me that young people are beyond the “big ears” issue and accepting of Obama based on his character, intelligence and outlook for America. They are thinking about now and the future.

For those of you who are parents and are concerned about the future of your children, why stifle their future with more “Bush-think” because of your last century hang-ups? Most prudent parents want conditions better for their children than they had for themselves.

Some say the American electorate is stupid, prove them wrong and vote for the guy with big ears……this time!

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