Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Johnny & Phil part-2

Hello…Phil! I just called to say thanks for that “back hand” you gave me yesterday. I was just feeling so discombobulated over this financial @#$% we’re in that I don’t even know which of my seven houses I’m in right now.

Well, you’re calling from a 212 area code. I guess you’re in New York.
Hey, what do you think about that strategy Karl and Rick came up with? The media ate it up!.
Your polls should get a boost behind it.

Yeah, that was a stroke of genius! I know the O-man is calling me all kinds of S.O.B.s because he called me first this morning about a suspension of our campaigns, to return to Washington and to deal with this stuff we’ve ignored for so many years. I told him that I’d get back with him. So, I called Karl and Rick.

Swabbie, you just did what Republicans do. I know Lee is rolling over in his grave. Look, over those years, we just permitted our free enterprise system be a free enterprise….laisez faire! Remember John Wayne, Ronald Reagan. 'We can’t let those red-pinko communies dictate counter to what our founding fathers fought and died for!'

Phil, I wish you could have heard me this morning. I told the O-man that we could make a joint-statement declaring a suspension. I told him that I’ll have my people call him back to coordinate the statement….NOT! We didn’t return his call and I turned around and made a public statement about MY suspension.

That Karl and Rick are something else! And you really came off looking and sounding magnanimous, swabbie!

Yeah, I was pretty “magnanimous”. But, you know as well as I do, Phil, that I’m not ready for these debates and Sarah is, definitely, not ready.

John, I think Karl and Rick will agree with this: It’s all about image…. perception. Your actions today were presidential. Just go up to the Hill. Take a few photos and talk a li’l trash then get your butt down to Mississippi…..this is your presumptive Secretary of Treasury speaking! I’ll call ya.

BTW, there’s word on the street that “W” wants to get together with you and the O-man, tomorrow. Give’ em hell, Matie! Rrrrrrrrr

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Antoinette said...

Wow! That's powerful.