Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let's get ready to rumbllllllllle!

Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, stuck it to my guy last night in St. Paul. She was well prepared, mixing her “lipsticked-pit bull” aggression and her “ah shucks” small town charm to lambaste Senator Obama. She is positioning herself to be a formidable opponent. It’s too bad that her running mate, Senator McCain, can’t match her oratory skills or charisma. o.k., can't expect too much, we’re talking about John McCain here.

Now that the governor is moving up to the big league from the “pick-up game” behind the schoolhouse in Wasilla, she needs to prepare for the whipping she and the senator are going to get down the road. The McCain campaign needed a trump card, stat! They simply wanted to go after Senator Clinton’s army of women and the governor does not even support women’s reproductive rights, not to mention the governor's support for McCain's taxing of employers who provide health benefits to their employees…hence, families!

When it comes down to economic issues where McCain is only offering the top 1% a tax break and international issues where he is reluctant to talk with countries that don’t agree with U.S. policies, the Republican nominees will have their lunch eaten…. unless Governor Palin brings a brown-bagged Bullwinkle moose burger.

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DarbyGirl said...

That was funny and true.