Friday, May 23, 2008

Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Clinton, what the hell were you thinking???????

To suggest that Senator Obama could be shot, is that how bad you want the presidency? Old stupid me, I expected this type of talk to come from the David Dukes of the world. We have forgiven you so many times in the past, but with this, you have crossed that unforgivable line. What respect I held for you has been dwindling day by day…..I am now depleted.

Mrs. Clinton I’m referring to you as Mrs. Clinton because I am pissed! You've just set the atmosphere for all the crazies in this country to do what they do best, be crazy! “Come on out fellas, make headlines for your stupid ass selves. And when you’re done, I’ll invite you to the White House to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom when I become your president!” Today, you became the best example of what Senator Obama wants to change in the country.

Folks, in my last blog, I just suggested a Presidential Aptitude Test which was inspired by the show, Survivor. I described the agility, cunning, deceitful and hateful things that those contestants did to one another in order to win. Was I right on the money?

Senator from New York, you’ve just ignited the fears, again, of many black folks who would love to see Senator Obama become the first black president of these disunited states. And in all fairness, I am going to include the media and the Lee Atwaters/Karl Roves of the world in my disdain for what has happen, too. Mrs. Clinton couldn't stoke these fears all by herself. Contrary to popular belief, there are blacks that did not vote for Barack, not because you were a better candidate…nah. They did not vote for him because he is the best that we have to offer America and they do not want to see him destroyed. And what you did today, intentionally or unintentionally, Mrs. Clinton, what you did brought out our worst fears.

I don’t think anyone will settle for your choice of phrasing as a fuax pas, a mental slip. No, you’re too intelligent for that. Remember, you’re the candidate that will be ready on day-one to address whatever challenge America will face. God forbid, if something awful, as you implied did happen to Senator Obama, this country will never be the same.
Would your conscious be ready for that on day-one, Mrs. Clinton?


Barbara said...

Mike, my friend (between us again, not blog), I was also pissed off this morning when I read this story in the Washington Post (which by the way is a pro-Obama rag, if you haven't noticed). My husband and I sat around the breakfast table and I vented to him (as I often do)....but obviously, I was not venting for the same reasons you were. I was pissed that it was being blown out of proportion! To assume that Senator Clinton was implying that "Senator Obama could be shot," as you say, is ludicrous. You write, "You've just set the atmosphere for all the crazies in this country to do what they do best, be crazy!" You forget, SHE'S also a candidate and could easily be shot herself.

Perhaps she shouldn't have referenced the assassination, but she was trying to put this in historical point out that it was in JUNE that Kennedy stopped campaigning (not because he was defeated...but that was stopped dead in his tracks!!! He would have kept on going had he not been assassinated!). You write, "Senator from New York, you’ve just ignited the fears, again, of many black folks who would love to see Senator Obama become the first black president of these disunited states." This is not a black/white thing. Clinton's own husband was a president (white) she's very aware of the dangers in public was Bobby Kennedy (white). So how could the Post say, "critics have blamed Clinton for exacerbating racial tensions." Last I checked, she is running, too (and she's white). Why would the Post think this was a suggestion that only Obama, could be targeted?

I just watched the actual video: Please watch it yourself (not just read what the papers are telling us) and tell me if you think this was a scripted piece...Does it really sound like she was trying to incite anything? I think we all have to remember that these candidates are speaking 24/7. They ALL speak off the cuff and it's not scripted. Obama has used unfortunate phrasing in this campaign as well. Let's not blow it out of proportion!

If you read the Post article, you'll note that Robert Kennedy's son, Robert Jr., endorsed Clinton and said: "It is clear from the context that Hillary was invoking a familiar political circumstance in order to support her decision to stay in the race through June. . . . I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense."

Mike, I also love the fact that you and I can agree and disagree! Keep 'em coming!!!

microbrother said...

Yes, Barb, we're all aware that both candidates stand the chance to lose their lives to the crazies. Call it ego...whatever you want. But, there's something that drives these folks to put it all on the line like this. In growing up and life in the Marine Corps, I've learned to use fear to my make it your friend. Somehow, that allows you to do what you have to do.

I go back to my earlier post: we are caught-up in a hyper-sensitive media and constituency.

I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired (Fannie Lou Hamer) of losing our best and our brightest to the crazies white, black...people! Barb, I just don't know if we're going to see this opportunity in our life-times, again.