Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's all about the future

This evening, I received an email from a fellow Obama supporter that caused me to pause. I want to share it with you in Billy’s own words, unedited.



I fight hard to see him [Barack Obama] as President and share my reasons। He is not just a politician.

My Obama story, in 1999 me and my first wife had my first child Jordan S. Owens she lived 9 days. She was taken home appeared healthy, however she was born with only 3 of her heart valves open. You have 4 heart valves for each chamber of the heart. This went undetected in the hospital that rushed me and my ex-wife out as soon as she was born. After the loss of our daughter we heard to fight the case would be near impossible or too expensive. However, luckily to Tort Reforms that a young attorney previously fought for on behalf of poor people, and minorities we were able to receive counsel and make a difference in the medical practices of this hospital. We were able to go against them. The person they told us in 1999 the person who had been was working practically for free fighting for fair, equal medical treatment was Barack Obama - at that time he become political.

I send this because my passion to see him in office has nothing to do with his blackness, but I know first hand that he did try to make a difference in the pains in peoples lives and did so without being rewarded economically for it.

He touch my families life, and I do not know him. I will never be able to get my daughter back but someone may be able to have beautiful black baby boy or girl survive for that was put in place after our ability to fight this practice.

God Bless,
Billy O

William C. Owens, Jr.
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. - Life Time member #4929
Nu Pi Graduate Chapter


Eb the Celeb said...

amazing story... thx 4 sharing

microbrother said...

EB the Celeb,

Yes, Billy O's story, I think, are the most compelling story you can hear about, because the candidate is not touting it himself. But the good work that he has done and the people who appreciate it are speaking for him...would you agree?

Thanks and come back, again.