Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Can we have a bowl of gumbo, together?

No surprises last night. Everyone expected the O-man to take North Carolina and Hillary to take Indiana, but no one expected the O-man to lose by such a small margin which gave the Clinton campaign pause, again. For all intents and purposes, Obama won Indiana.

Kudos and a big shout-out to Donna Brazile and Jamal Simons for holding their own on CNN while under fire from recalcitrant Clinton supporters. But, did you check out Donna? I thought she was going to get “sistahfied” at one moment! Did you hear the, "honey" come out? I don’t think anyone in their right mind want to piss her off. Hey, she was simply calling for party unity and if you can’t understand the reason for that, well, those “take no prisoners” republicans are going to make it crystal clear real soon!

Serve ‘em up some more of that gumbo, Donna!

However, as much as I enjoyed last night's show, I think the real story is what’s happening in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. They say over 60,000 (and still counting) folks have perished over there by a cyclone. Now, I’m not sure of what a cyclone is, but I do know that it’s a baaaaad boy!

Bush communicated to the Myanmar government that he wanted to offer U.S. assistance to that beleaguered country, but..but...but he criticized them for delays in approving visas for U.S. disaster aid workers.

Un minuto, Mr. Bush!

How long did it take for U.S. disaster aid workers to get “visas” to go to Louisiana….United States of America… know, in North America……to help U.S. citizens in New Orleans?

Will somebody help me understand because I’m just stupid? How can numb-nut criticize anyone on disaster recovery operations? I still don’t understand the mindset that voted this fool in office, not once, but twice! I can give the numb-nut credit for one thing….he’s consistent! His administration will continue to make us look like ass-holes to the rest of the world until the moving van backs up to the rear door of the White House and take that fool out of there.

Man, I’m sure glad I exercised this morning.


yummy411 said...

tell 'em why you're mad microbrother! right on! *numb nut* laughing WAYYY TO HARD!

microbrother said...

Check me out on Monday. I will be suggesting a P.A.T. (Presidential Aptitude Test) for all candidates.

Happy Mother's Day to ya!