Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Hold-out or Hold-up?

Why is Hillary “really” holding-out?

I was talking to my boy, “E” (his claim to fame was being on the same side of Julius "Dr. J" Irving in a pick-up game at U-Mass) and the conversation was on the hottest subject in the country:

She ain’t stupid. She knows she ain’t goin’ to win and her campaign is in debt.
O.k., so, what do you think it is? What about a supreme court seat?
Not sure. Well, we know she needs to get out of debt and I think, maybe she’s trying to position herself for a shot at the oval office in 2012. I think the court would be too restrictive for her personality.
I'm listening!
Remember when she spear-headed her universal health plan and she got trounced?
Well, maybe she’s trying to garner enough delegates through these final primaries to create a position from which to bargain with the DNC and the Obama campaign. While at the same time, by continuing her run, she proves to her base that she's a kick-ass fighter to the bitter end.
O.k., I’m wich ya?
She'll get a one-on-one sit-down with the O-man that would, probably, go down something like this:

“O.k. O-man, you’re in a better position for the nomination than I am. But, if you screw this opportunity up, I'll be on your narrow behind like white-on-rice! You’re goin’ to get your ass kicked in the general election without our unified support….”
“Talk to me, baby girl. What's on your mind?”
“O-man, you adopt my universal health plan!”
“That's it?”
“Of course not. Nominate my recommendation for Secretary of Health and Human Services, to implement my plan. I want you to lobby your ass off to make sure "SHE's" confirmed. I want you to have a rose garden ceremony for the ratification where you will, publicly, acknowledge my leadership role in bringing this legislation to pass.”
“Is that it?”
“No…chill. I want you to appear with me for several fundraising events so that I can get this damn campaign debt off my shoulders. That fool out in 'Tinseltown', Peter Paul & Mary, whatever his name, is getting on my last nerve."
“Hmmm, I’ll think about it”
“While ya at it, think about this, too: I got the 'yeehas' in Texas. I got the 'lunch-bucket' factory workers and 'dirt farmers' in Ohio. I got the 'wannabe-Americans' in Cali. I got those, 'blue-collar, moonshine running miners' in the West Virginian hollas and Kentucky. I got the 'gun tottin', bowling-for-votes' Pennsylvanians in the mill that ain’t going to budge ‘til they hear from the ‘Hill’….think on that, my brotha!”
“I see….settin’ yourself up for a 2012 run, uh?”
“It ain't over 'til the lady in the pants suit says it's over. Have a nice day, Mr. Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee.”

Tough chick, ain’t she?
Let's shoot some hoops!


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As we all know Hillary Clinton has been in the "political game" for quite a number of years and quite frankly, she is one shrewd person. She understands how to pivot when necessary and find a different pictures to paint on a canvas. If you listened to her speech in NYC after the South Dakota win she made mention that she was the FIRST person in regards to introducing universal health care legislation for the nation. She wanted people to remember that point quite clearly. She has a legacy by which she needs to continue to create that does not necessarily involve her husband. She wants a legacy that is stand alone and she has staked her claim.
Due to the subject matter one would think that this is probably and issue that can be worked out and it probably will be. This can only turn out to be a win-win for both Senators if the correct strategy is applied to accomplish this goal. P.S. Hillary will still be a contender in 2012 and probably well into the future. We will see, as time goes on, find out exactly what "contender" means to her.

An Obama Supporter!!