Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A candidate that can not be denied

Senator Barack Obama looks and sounds more presidential every day.

Whenever I get an opportunity to talk to someone from outside of Washington’s beltway, I invariably asked their opinion of Obama’s candidacy and what it means to them. Old Blue has seen better days and yesterday, I was given such an opportunity. So, I asked a friend for a ride.

Momoh, a self-proclaimed king-in-waiting from Liberia, said while we were riding along that he was so excited for Obama. Folks from Africa and the Caribbean are not new to having a black head-of-state. I neither over estimate the enthusiasm of people from other parts of the world on this candidacy nor do I express mine. I want to hear their honest opinions. As soon as I mentioned Obama’s name, a smile came over Momoh’s face. In broken English, he shared his joy.

“Obama is good for America! I talk friends and they say Obama good, too. Everybody like him!”

My interest, in my very unscientific poll, is to get a feel for how citizens of other countries view the U.S. I clearly remember watching the evening news and I heard a pregnant Palestinian dedicate the fetus in her womb to the liberation struggle. Our foreign neighbors determine how well foreign policy is received. No one knows which child is a future Secretary General of the United Nations or a walking time-bomb.

Momoh’s comment has been typical of others I’ve spoken to. If Obama can inspire folks from troubled countries, if he can inspire the thousands like we saw in Iowa last night, there is no doubt in my mind that we will be much better for it. It irritates the hell out me to hear reports of babyboomers and older generations being resistant to the Obama Movement.

People, we have had our time. Let’s get out of the way and permit these young, energetic and bright people to take their place!

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