Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can you see them?

I refer to my piece from 23MAY, “Mrs. Clinton, Mrs, Clinton…” where I stress the point of irresponsible and often flipped remarks about doing harm to political candidates, or to anyone for that matter, can be a license to the maladjusted members of this society to act.

By Mrs. Clinton (Mrs. Clinton because I’m still pissed) throwing the RFK “A” word inference out there, the vile “dumbditz” are making light of this very serious issue. Case in point: Just yesterday, in responding to a question about her take on Clinton’s RFK inference on FOX, Liz Trotta, the former New York bureau chief of The Washington Times and a dumbdit for FOX News Channel, flubbed the usage of “Osama” and “Obama”. And in her effort to be clever about Clinton’s use of the “A” word inference, Trotta mumbled something to the effect, “or both if they could”. Decide for yourself

Folks, it’s all about money and ratings! If you have a better explanation for this wanton disregard for one of our greatest gifts to the world, I’m open to hear it.

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