Wednesday, April 30, 2008


As a preacher’s kid (PK), I can’t imagine anything worst than my father, as I perceive, sabotaging my ambitions. Pastor, my father is my hero. I say “is”, even though he claimed his reward ten years ago, because his influence still looms large in my life. Barack Obama, the boy, did not have his father in his life as I did. For this reason, I know the past few days, he experienced an avalanche falling on his head. He looked up to you, Pastor Wright, as the father-image he lacked.

I heard your speech at the NAACP conference in Detroit (posted on this blog) and your Q&A session at the National Press Club here in D.C. I did not have a problem with the essence of what you had to say. I just question your timing and antics. Only a month ago, I mentioned to a good friend that I was pleased that some of our more strident leaders/spoke people have been keeping a low profile. I believe that they have done so because they respect Barack’s campaign enough to not want to draw negative attention to it. After all, there is plenty of Obama opposition out here and there will be even more in the general election.

Then, why would my own father sucker-punch me?

This PK knows that when preachers feel moved to share what’s on their mind, it ain’t much we can do about it because you feel that you are held to a higher power. But, pastor, pleeease. For all intents and purposes, Barack is your son! Your antics during the Q&A session at the National Press Club just weren’t necessary! We all know how the media and the Lee Atwaters/Karl Roves of the world are just waiting for the type of opportunity that you gave them on a silver plater. And you really delivered, yesterday.

Pastor Wright, if you truly love Barack, leave him be! What he is trying to do is much greater than you and I. We, the public, can only imagine the injustice that you must feel after so many years of remarkable service to our community and to this country. And to have the “blood suckers” latch on to your jugular in an attempt to destroy you and Barack is an abomination. But, our God is an awesome God. He will neither leave us nor forsake us! Therefore, let Barack be, for we all will be better for it.



Anonymous said...


As a Pastor for only a short time of eight years compared to Rev. Wright's long and rich pastorate, I was disheartened when I heard and saw his actions.

As Pastors, we are set apart by God for a work in which its foundation is one of love and truth. Our God has given us His authority to speak for Him. So, we speak to those who are lost and give them God’s direction. We speak to those who are hurting and bring His words of comfort. We speak to the blind that have no vision and give them God’s insight. We Pastors speak even of the injustices of this world and deliver God’s truth. Speaking the word of God can and will offend many. Pastors who have pastored for any amount of time know that we will be lied on, misunderstood, disrespected, mistreated, as well as rejected by those inside and outside of the church because of what and for whom we speak. Jesus tells us in His word that offences will come. If they reject Him, we, who follow his will, as well be rejected.

Pastors learn that we are not and can not fight many of our battles the way others fight and if we fight it must be guided by God. Our battles can not be fought because we are being tried and WE PASTORS DO GET TRIED for other people and their situations. We must be as gentle as a dove, but wise as a serpent. We can not allow our attacks to be taken personally and it appears that Rev. Wright thinks that this is about him and his ego. The word tells us that pride goes before destruction or a fall. Rev. Wright’s retaliation has placed him below the attacks and attackers. Let us all learn from this and pray for him.

I would like to encourage Senator Barack, his family, supporters, and Rev. Wright – do know that it is God who places men in positions. Stay focus on the goal, trusting God to bring it to pass. God is a miracle working God – He works what no man can work – He is a jealous God and will not allow anyone to take credit for what He does. So, some people and things will be moved out, moved in and away.

Pastor T

Washington, D.C.

goodin said...

Reverend Jeremiah Wright with his encyclopedic intellect has threatened to eclipse the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. It is fitting that Reverend Wright refers to himself as Pastor as the origins of that term refers to the feeding of sheep. Additionally, Jeremiah in the Old Testament was a prophet who was often ignored and much persecuted for his correct prophetic pronouncements, an apt and original example of 'blaming the messenger'.
My viewpoint of the Jeremiah Wright – Barack Obama controversy contributes to the debate that his utterances, first from the pulpit and lately from different staged events are both an embarrassment and problem for the Obama campaign.

Reverend Wright speaks of topics that are extremely sensitive to the psyche of America, that soul that has several meanings and interpretations depending on who does the defining. The Reverend's topics describe race and history in America and by extension touches on White supremacy as one of the foundations of Western civilization. Reverend Wright's use of the Christian Bible in his discussions is a powerful tool that represents truth and justice in the world.
Have we forgotten Marcus Garvey, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Kwame Nkrumah, Walter Rodney and others who attempted to breathe life and meaning into the souls of Blacks that were devoid of its traditions and history.
After visiting the slave castles of West Africa, solid stone structures that dot the Atlantic coast of Africa, my viewpoint of race, slavery and history is forever colored and I recognize Reverend Wright as what years ago was referred to as 'Race Man' or 'Pan-Africanists'.
The slave castles were warehouses, holding pens or prisons for the captured Africans that were shipped to North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. That every African woman was raped and abused as well as African men and children is a fact. More dehumanizing was the tearing of the African soul from their bodies. Cleansing the souls meant the removal of language, religion, traditions, tribal affiliation, family, personal hygiene and habits as well as physical torture that pale when compared to contemporary human rights abuses.
That African-Americans or Blacks if you prefer were given new souls on their arrival in the West gave the slave master an enormous advantage to control his human chattel as well as the creation of a culture that ensured future control, power and security over their oppressive system. That there were no successful slave revolts in America attest to the success of the system.
Reverend Wright, like Garvey and others speak to the Black soul in the attempt to awaken it and to restore its memory. Herein lays the clash of cultures, history, politics, race and all the other symbols and concepts that are in place to preserve and palliate both the White and Black psyche.
There are many Blacks as well as many whites that do not want to remember the dark history of America. The history books and Hollywood have done an excellent job of writing and telling a romantic and exciting story of the building of America. For Barack Obama to win the nation of his party and then the presidency he must market himself as first and foremost as an American and this means someone who will work with the system. Understandably, change of some fashion is expected but tampering with the American psyche is forbidden. This now shows the relevance of Reverend Wright.
Prophets never cared about politics and Reverend Wright was consistent when he said that in November and January, he will still be a pastor. From Reverend Wright's viewpoint, the tenets of truth and justice as he extracted from the Christian bible far overshadows the complexities of American politics. Reverend Wright and Barack Obama can not exist on the same stage as one can not speak to the American soul while the other does and does so directly.
The Black church has done much to restore the soul of the Blacks in America as one would expect more bitterness, resentment, revenge and hatred from a race that was not treated very kindly here. Instead, the Black church as played a nurturing role in the racial healing and in the process provided the environment for the production of the most exquisite musical forms, orators, historians, artists, singers, writers and politicians. Barack Obama's thesis of hope comes from the Black church, Reverend Wright's church. Barack Obama requires White votes and as Reverend Wright said, he is compelled to speak politically. I love and appreciate Reverend Wright because to me he made it through the slave castles, survived the incredible journey in the bowels of the slave ship, whippings and the endless drudgery of slavery and, now laughingly, flaunts his beautiful Black and intellectually gifted soul in the face of his oppressor.

microbrother said...

Pastor T,

Thank you for your insight. I’m sure that we are all deeply concern for Pastor Wright and Senator Obama. We shall keep them in prayer.


I felt like I went back to school. Thank you, brother.
Yes, I understand Pastor Wright’s tradition, too. But, this culture today, as I wrote in my piece, “White American can’t handle the truth” was given a super infusion of “truth” that threw it into a code-Blue. It was too much at the wrong time.
Do you remember when Jesse was running? Minister Farrakhan blessed his candidacy and spoke on his behalf. All hell broke loose! I’ve resigned to the fact that another generation has to come along before that type of honest dialogue can take place.