Saturday, April 19, 2008

What will be my legacy?

Having gone to St. Emma Military Academy, but not being Catholic, I always marveled over Catholics' fascination with the Pope and all of the pomp and pageantry that goes along with the title. Just a few years ago, most people never heard of Cardinal Ratzinger /Benedict XVI. Today, the Catholic world is clamoring to touch his robe.

In my mind, I think of people who develop a body of work that is recognized by the masses who earn that kind of adoration. Benedict XVI has been cloistered in academia, delving into the minutia of papal policy and never sought the limelight. Now, all of a sudden, he is a rock star. I could understand Pope John Paul because he seemed to have struck a cord with people over so many years by dealing with issues that concerned average people, especially of the Catholic youth and non-Catholics. Albeit, Pope John Paul was enjoying all of his popularity while Cardinal Ratzinger was back in Rome minding the shop.

This Pope is in the winter of his life and I think he could make his mark if he addresses at least one important issue before the end of his papacy. I know that sexual abuse has been a major issue among Catholics in the States and he did make an acknowledgement of it, but I think poverty and hunger is a larger issue in the world. For all intent and purpose, the Pope is a world leader and it world be a shame if he did not use his influence to assist in setting things in place to make a difference before he leaves this world.

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