Monday, April 14, 2008

This is playground stuff

The world needs to understand that Barack Obama is not just campaigning for President of the United States by himself. It's like the Verizon Wireless commercials, he is running with a whole movement behind him. A movement of people who have been used and abused by this political system. These folks know that never before has anyone who look like them have ever gotten this close to the highest office in the land, if not the world!

Tavis Smiley, the former Black Entertainment Television talk show host, recently resigned as a commentator on the syndicated "Tom Joyner Morning Show", according to Joyner, because he was tired and busy with other things. Joyner stated that he believed that the real reason is because Tavis was beaten up by the listeners of his program for being too critical of Obama. If this is true (which I'm certain it is), for Tavis Smiley not to be sensitive to the enthusiasm of Obama's supporters whom perhaps, are a major part of his audience as well, amazes me. Tavis questioning candidates' platform and veracity is justifiable. But, to rebuke Obama for not attending the State of the Black Union, that Smiley hosted and criticising him for not attending a Dr. King memorial is ludicrous. After all, Obama suggested that his wife, Michelle, could attend the Union meeting because he had a scheduling conflict. Everyone knows Michelle's capability. Why wasn't she good enough if he couldn't make it himself? Also, Tavis slammed Obama for not attending recent commemoration events in Memphis for Dr. King. Why Tavis? The senator just spoke at Dr. King's church, Ebenezer, for Dr. King's birthday commemoration.

It appears that Tavis got his ass whipped on the play ground and decided to take his ball and go home, not to play with those guys any more!

Come on, Tavis...grow up! You are trying to stand in the way of a elephant stampede that will mow you down. Let's lose the child-like pouting and join in a constructive debate and not a power play to see who can really capture the imagination of the American electorate because you ain't going to win that one.

We need your voice. We need your talent. We may even need your ball. So, let's makeup and play some ball.


Anonymous said...

I think you're right on!

ms_hgrits said...

Spot on! I think Mr. Smiley, much like everyone else (except us Barack Stars who committed to his campaign back in October 2006 - even before he announced it) was truly taken by surprise by the Obama for America campaign. Many thought that Clinton was it, and that it would be a boon for the Black community, because we already have the "Clinton ear" so to speak. But they did not expect Obama to get this far. Clinton is good, but Obama is better – and you don’t have to be a Ph.D. to figure that out. Believe me Mr. Smiley knows that Barack is better. The problem is, what do you do with that when you have already (publicly or privately) made your alliances known, and at the same time, you want to be about (and have done so much work about) advancing the Black community? Well, you do what Mr. Smiley has done; you try to contend with the hard decision by insisting that we not make this thing about supporting a Black candidate just for the sake of having a Black President. While doing that, you run the risk of alienating a huge swath of your most loyal audience. When the back-lash comes (and you know how we do back-lash) you can stay and take it like a man, you can change your mind and your position, or you can go home. Mr. Smiley went home. I hope while he's there, he takes a moment to realize that Barack's campaign is NOT ABOUT BARACK, so much as it is about a space in time, where a community and a country need a catalyst to truly begin a long-over-due reconciliation process. That whole "fierce urgency of now" is not just a stump speech. It is the truth. And it is SO much bigger than Mr. Smiley or Senator Barack.

microbrother said...


Well said! I hope our Mr. Smiley man-ups quickly because he is talented. In our quest for a better world, we need all of the great talent we can get our arms.

I hope to hear from you, again.

Crys said...

man, i feel like i've hit the blog bingo today!!! anyhow, i very much appreciated and understand your take on the situation microbrother. i also happened upon this jewel - which i think expresses the same sentiment:

with that said, i think i'm going buy me a lottery ticket!

microbrother said...

crys, I look forward to hearing from you again.

yummy411 said...

ms_hgrits couldn't have said it better!!!! i love it! unfortunate as I love my Tavis...

Shazza Nakim said...

one of the things I can't understand is what people don't understand why sending Michelle Obama as a proxy for Barak Obama would be rejected.

This is food for thought:

For Rap/Hip-Hop:

You invite Jay-Z for a social event and invite several thousand people to hear his inside information on the industry and maybe a Rap or two and at the last minute he sends his MOTHER. No disrespect and she just might be a knowledgeable woman BUT she ain't Jay-Z.

For Conservatives:

Who do you really want talking about the State of America and the details behind closed doors at the State of the Union? George Bush or the First Lady? Better yet, one of his daughters? Jokingly some would want the 1st Lady but in saying that, you give influence and legitimacy to the position of 1st Lady which is what Hillary Clinton is running on.

For Democrats:

Who is running for President? Obama or Michelle? Michelle becomes First Lady by default (even as knowledgeable as she is about politics it is Barak who is the title getter) and as such she is not an appropriate proxy until she becomes State Titled as such. People want to see Barak because he is NEW and all things to everyone. I have heard Michelle speak and I have heard Barak speak. Obama does best when keeping engagements of high profile so either he shows or cancels. Proxy arrangements don't always work in all circumstances and all affairs.

microbrother said...

Yes, Shazza, you make a good point and I agree.

But, with all that is going on in this historic moment, it is humanly impossible to be in two places at the same time. I, like many, would have loved to have seen the O-man participated in the discussion at the Union. I will give Barack the benefit of doubt, that he weighed his obligations and made his decision based on the campaign’s priorities.

We all must remember that Obama is just one man and we do what we have do, with him or without him.

Thank you, brother. Please come back, again.