Thursday, April 17, 2008

Will somebody help me understand?

“Senator, why won’t you wear an American flag pin? I question your patriotism”.


I can’t believe how people can be old and still be S.O.S., stuck-on-stupid! There has to be an awareness vacuum in this country. You know what I mean…, little pockets in this country where different types of information can’t penetrate, where people can’t get new information and discuss contrary points of view.

Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulos should be embarassed of themselves.

And what in hell does a button have to do with this man’s willingness to put his life on the line to salvage what remains in the aftermath of Gordon Gekko-like greed and self-interest of the multi-national oil companies and the military/industrial complex?


Ok, ok, ok….I’m going to chill because I must continue to remind myself that what we are witnessing are the Lee Atwater/Karl Rove playbook tactics at play, designed to distract and bog down Obama so that he can not deal with the real issues. BUT, just one last stab: don’t these people know that their ignorant questions are being recorded for posterity and will be aired over and over ad nauseam?

I can’t help thinking about Jackie Robinson and what he had to go through as the first black in major league baseball. O-man may not have been the right candidate twenty years ago . Nor do I think he may be the right man twenty years from now, but he is the right brother, today. It takes the patience of Job and the skill of a surgeon to put up with the asinine tactics we see being played out on a daily bases.

However, I continue to question both democratic candidates’ position on pulling troops out of Iraq in the time-frames they suggested. Having some experience in the military, I remain pessimistic on that note. Also, they both fell in the same trap that Bush-1 fell into, remember: “Read my lips: NO NEW TAXES”

Come on, O-man! I love you, but that was a naive statement then (a la Bush-1) and it’s a naive statement now. It only bolsters the enemies’ point about you not having the experience required. I understand that things are said on the stump to appease the masses….ok, fine. But, things change. The situation on the ground may require a different strategy once you’re in office. You are only limiting yourself when you make commitments like that, and by the way, you didn’t look comfortable when you made those statements. If you can’t deliver by getting the troops out on your time-frame and/or you can’t affect change in the budget and have to raise taxes, well……..


Mr. Exclusive said...
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Mr. Exclusive said...

It is not enough for Obama to beat Clinton, he will have to demolish her with an overwhelming victory that could not be challenged by anyone before he can take this office. This media is designed to nit-pick at him and discredit him by any means necessary and it is disgusting. They will bring up Wright,Farrakhan, and anything else they can think of until he is sworn in.........oh and I havent even mentioned the Repulicans yet........God Bless America.

microbrother said...

Mr. Exclusive,

I have another perspective:

The Obama candidacy is novel. Heretofore, there has never been a candidate who has brought as many interesting and competitive qualities to the table like Obama. The “old guard” politicians, media and consultants are trying, desperately, to re-tool to handle this novelty. In doing so, they are going to make mistakes and look like assholes until they figure this brother out, to learn his weaknesses.

Consider a fighter who has never fought his opponent before. He is cautious until he finds that one weakness. He keeps targeting that one weakness until he wears his opponent down.

If Obama can remain unflappable and keep his gaffes to a minimum, I think all he would have to do is make a good showing in “Hillary Country”, he’ll be o.k. The super delegates will ensure his nomination because they know what time it is.

Thanks for your comments. Please come back, again.