Friday, April 25, 2008

Sean Bell's Executioners Acquitted

Excuse me folks, but I’m full of questions today:

Mr. "Big City" Mayor, let me ask you, how many bullets do you think it would take to bring down, let’s say, a crazed white man, high on crack? Firing a 9mm automatic pistol with hollow point bullets, I’d say, one, maybe two shots……just checking. I don’t know because I’m stupid.

Does Bloomberg think that all black folks are stupid and foolish like me, enough, to just stand by and watch our people continue to be shot down in the streets of New York like rabid animals? Come on! To be shot fifty times and expect no reaction because you said be calm? Pleeeaaase.

Oh, forgive me Mayor, at least New York's finest spared Sean the indignity of having a broom stick shoved up his ass like they did Abner Louima.

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