Sunday, April 6, 2008

Unfathomable Possibilities

It has become apparent to me that the O-man is the most dangerous man to the maniacal right-wing members of this society and they will do whatever is necessary to destroy the credibility of the senator. By the same token, they will go just as far to tarnish Senator Clinton.

After reading a recent email from another Obama supporter, sharing the video about the Peter Paul scandal, criticizing the Clintons, I considered the unfathomable possibility of O-man being derailed by the Lee Atwaters and Karl Roves of the world.

With Clinton in the “kitchen sink attack” mode, the nomination determination is coming down to the king-making decision of the super delegates. Should it stand to reason that we must be extremely careful of the criticisms leveled against the democratic candidates? If Clinton does become the nominee, the caustic tactics of the radical right-wing can destroy Obama supporters’ inclination to support Clinton in the general election.

For this reason, I believe that all criticism should be carefully vetted before we makeup our minds about any candidate because the alternative could destroy the Democratic Party and any redemption of America on the world stage.


Anonymous said...

I actually read some of the articles on your blog. Some are pretty thought provoking. I, also do hope and pray that this country has had enough of Republican `trickle down' policies & practices. Most people have forgotten that we actually had a BALANCED national budget when Bill left office. Now we are back to trillions of dollars in debt again. Anyway, what scares me is that I've heard some O'Bama supporters say that if he doesn't get the nomination they will vote for McCain instead of settling for Hilary!
It is truly exciting & historic to have a Black man this close to winning the highest office in the land, but isn't CHANGE truly what this country needs. Haven't we been governed long enough by the `status quo' (older, wealthy white men). Isn't it about time for us to elect someone, ANYone that will bring with them a NEW perspective, whether that be a Black man OR a woman. Although I WILL be casting my vote for Barack it seems to me that electing either one would still be noted as an historic event and, more importantly, will bring a fresh perspective to the decision making process on the policies and strategies that affect us all. That's my 2 cents.


microbrother said...


Thank you for your two cents, brother. You know, pennies have been adding up for Obama.