Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The trifecta of Entertainment

I’m Selfish!

I want to keep all of the jewels that our community produces. Call me crazy, but I want them all to continue!

The trifecta of tragedy in entertainment: Morgan Freeman, Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac impacted my life with their genius in the art of portrayal of life on the big screen. Fortunately, Morgan Freeman is still with us. These men’s body of work had the power to evoke a special emotional response in my soul. The following three posts are a tribute to their lives.

Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of Joe “Batman” Clark, Principal of Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey in “Lean on Me” had me on my feet cheering when his students marched on city hall to demand his release from jail for having defended the children’s ability to get a quality education, free of drug dealers and thugs. Along with Denzel Washington, he went on to portray a Union inductee in the U.S. Civil War. As an elder slave, Freeman’s character encompassed dignity even under the indignities of neither having shoes to fight in or compensation equal to white inductees. His prayer and the encouragement he gave to others during a revival scene the night before their last battle was moving.

Thank you, Morgan! I wish you continued good health.

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He has been such a tremendous actor and a wonderful man.

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