Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'll get it right, this time!

Perhaps like you, I have been monitoring Gustav and, especially, the government entities involved with the preparation to meet the level-4 hurricane due to hit the Gulf States tomorrow. It disgust me to think of the lost of life and property because the administration had no clue as to what to do during Katrina.

I have not been in the practice of complimenting the current administration for anything. However, I will congratulate the Bush Administration in its preparation for Hurricane Gustav. It appears to be trying to do the right thing. When I first saw the initial images of the Katrina disaster in New Orleans, I thought I was looking at another hellish catastrophe in Haiti. I was shocked to no end to learn that these photos were taken on the continental United States.

As a president in the winter of his term, President Bush will not be able to improve much on his overall approval rating, but he will be credited for saving lives tomorrow. I think the political process needs to continue, given the fact that the convention will be in the Twin Cities and away from the gulf. Nevertheless, key party decision makers need to be at their post to be able to deal with Gustav issues, immediately. Perhaps, this is a blessing in disguise for Senator McCain. The last thing he needs is another love feast, bear-hugging photo opportunity with his hero, President Bush, on a high profile, internationally-seen event like the Republican National Convention.

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field negro said...

Good post! And I think you might be right, this might be a blessing in disguise for the repubs.