Saturday, August 30, 2008

An arranged marriage

The McCain Campaign is truly a throw-back to the last century by conjuring up an arranged marriage of sorts with Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. But, hey, you know the old adage, “politics make strange bedfellows”. I got to hand it to the old battle ax; all of his “picks” have been easy on the eyes.

I’ll be the first to admit that this presidential race will be won by a small margin and that the American female electorate has been extremely active in this political cycle. Therefore, is it wise to select a running mate whose positions have nothing in common with this vigorous electorate other than having a vagina?

Governor Palin is against women’s reproductive rights. This one point, alone, runs smack against the core of many of Senator Clinton’s supporters' principles. And to bring on a person that has any hint of controversy (a la rogue brother-in-law)? I’ve heard Senator McCain is a risk taker, but this choice sounds like an act of desperation.

Senator McCain, Senator Clinton stands for the full spectrum of women’s rights. The whole world knows Hilliary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton!

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