Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Lady

Tonight, Michelle exceeded everything required to settle the uneasiness anyone could possibly still abhor against her and Barack.

I never understood the acceptance by some of the myth that Barack and Michelle Obama are elitist. If money is the measuring stick for elitism, well, what they have earned through hard honest work has come just recently. If elitism is a measure of how much you want to improve your station in life and to want to uplift the people around you, then who can cast the first stone?

The success that the Obamas share is far different than the McCains. One family, pulled themselves up by the bootstraps in the shadows of a working-class existence, to go on and excel academically and to come back to pull others out of abject poverty and despair. And the other family, inheriting untold wealth and living a life that very few of us can neither relate to nor imagine. It must be blissful to have so many homes that you can not remember how many you have, especially when you are just trying to make the mortgage each month.

Yes, the Republican “mean machine” can fool some of the people some of the time, but, tonight, Michelle set the record straight.

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