Wednesday, August 27, 2008


As I mature, I find myself making a larger effort in seeing multiple sides of pressing issues of the day. And so goes my thinking on ardent Hillary Clinton supporters, tonight.

Her passionate supporters are no different than the Obama supporters. Let’s be honest: the country for the first time in history had the opportunity to see either a woman or a black man become an American presidential nominee. These two people represent groups whom have been beat down and kept down under an oppressive white patriarchal society have finally been lifted to, possibly, lead the free world!

There was much sacrifice and emotions spent in seeing the first African American or women in the highest political office in the land and I respect the lost that Hillary’s supporters are feeling, right now. I thought Hillary delivered the best speech I have ever heard her give, to begin the healing, to bring these passionate groups together and support Barack Obama as our presidential nominee.

Hillary’s speech, like Michelle’s last night, did what it was suppose to do. The senator from New York implored her followers to understand that it is not about her or Barack. It is about making good health care a right and not a privilege. It’s about not borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Saudis. It’s about improving life for the least of us. It’s about ending the war in the middle-east responsibly. It’s about putting a Democrat back in office and that Democrat is Barack Obama!

Tonight, I’m not interested in what took place in private backroom meetings. I’m only concern with seeing this party break camp this weekend, united and stronger in order to defeat the on slough of Republican divisive campaigns that I know are coming. And tonight, Hillary did her part to insure our defense.


btricarico said...

Nice write-up, Mike! As you know, I was a staunch Clinton supporter. I only hope others like me in America will stand behind Mr. Obama now and that he will be elected. Mrs. Clinton is to be commended for graciously moving on. She has always been my champion due to her desire to see improvements in health care. (And to her credit, she fought for health care for all Americans long before her husband was even elected 16 years ago--she, too, wanted "change"!!) Both she and Mr. Obama want an end to this ugly War. Thee are more similarities than differences in the two of them. I'm pleased that a white woman and an African-American man were finally able to bring these issues to the forefront for all America to see. I was proud of Mrs. Clinton last night in graciously supporting Mr. Obama after a neck-to-neck race; one she almost won herself. Both candidates have always had my support--their platforms are similar. I'm proud of them both! Now let's move on and get a democrat back in the White House after eight long years!

microbrother said...


You and I have always agreed to come together, as unified Democrats, to win the White House, regardless of the victor. Today, I wrote a piece, “Arranged Marriage” that talks about the McCain Campaign attempting to encroach on the disillusioned Clinton supporters.

I don’t take these attempts by Republicans lightly because every vote counts. As a marathoner, I know the race of twenty-six miles really starts at the twentieth mile. This campaign to the White House is at the twentieth mile. Therefore, we must press even harder than the last nineteen months to insure our success.

Thank you for your sincerity....”a luta continua”....the struggle continues!