Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Isaac Hayes

Isaac “Black Moses” Haye’s “Ike’s Rap” got me through my first serious love affair as a young man…..we played it over and over and just couldn’t get enough of Moses’ take on the sensitivity between a man and a woman. The 1971 release of Shaft was a bad motha-shut-your-mouth! Richard Roundtree’s character, John Shaft, super black macho role was accentuated by Isaac Haye’s musical score. Folks would go crazy at the sound of the first chord of the electric guitar’s wow-wow! ♫ Who is the man that will risk his neck for his brother man? Shaft, can you dig it? ♫ The Shaft score boosted the pride of many of us because we just didn’t see black super heroes on the silver screen that often in those days.

I had the pleasure to attend an Isaac Haye’s concert at Constitution Hall in D.C. It was wild! Every guy looked like John Shaft and every girl looked like his woman. The lights went out and all we could hear was the wow-wow, there was complete pandemonium – SHAFT! It was a night I’ll never forget. Ummm….I’m ready to dust-off my old LPs, right now.

Thank you, Moses! Rest in peace.

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