Thursday, February 26, 2009

Damn, white folks did a good job!

Is she too dark? Is her hair too nappy? Why is he so dark that he is blue? What will my children look like?

Growing up in River Terrace, Washington, DC, I never heard these question asked until I left my little comfort zone on the banks of the Anacostia River. At the renowned Howard University, I had an opportunity to go to school with black kids from all over the world at a time when Negroes were beginning to refer to themselves as “Black”. Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud!

In those days, I thought Howard University had the most beautiful women I had ever seen! I guess that’s why keeping my grades up was always a challenge. I saw all hues, hair and dress styles. There were history classes that taught us not just “his-story”, but delved thoroughly into Black History.

I was inspired to write this piece because of a You Tube video that was shared with me titled, “A Girl like Me”. I was shocked by what I saw because I just realized that young black folks, especially young women, are still struggling with the aesthetic issues of race from the days of slavery. The position of our First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, became even more important to me after viewing this video because her actions and style will impact women of color all over the world in terms of how they perceive themselves. I’ve been told that on-paper, one would have assumed that the president married a white woman or a very light-skin black woman. But, no the president married a statuesque dark-skin woman with, OMG, a butt!

Folks, I don’t know who has the hardest job, now…..President Obama or the First Lady?


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