Thursday, February 19, 2009

A cartoon is just a cartoon? Hmmmm

Well, I guess Nixon with his sweaty upper-lip fall from grace, Billy’s blow jobs in the oval office and Bush getting the “shoe” in Iraq just brought down the respect and integrity of the presidency to the point where anything goes.

The chimpanzee execution cartoon depicted in the New York Post did not shock me. Come on, folks….we knew this stuff was coming! Racists die hard. This is only the beginning. Nevertheless, we should be prepared to fight these attacks at every turn. We must be steadfast at defeating the racists’ attempts at denigrating the change that President Obama is trying to put in place.

What the racists did not factor in is the fact that the majority of the people in the world are people of color. Just as in the fiasco at Abu Ghraib, the 19th century thinking racists are only making matters worst for members of their ilk. The Occicontin-addicted, Rush Limbaugh, calling for the failure of President Obama’s administration only accelerated the free-fall of the conservative movement’s demise, as we know it.

Younger citizens and younger members of both political parties are starving for a new way of conducting this country’s affairs and I salute them.

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