Monday, June 23, 2008

A sad day in southern Africa

On 24APR08, I called for Mr. Mugabe to step down as president of the southern African country that was once considered the bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe.

Mr. Mugabe’s 1980 historic revolutionary overthrow of the former Rhodesian government has been marred by his ruthless hold on power of the now impoverished Zimbabwe. Today, President Mugabe succeeded in thwarting the democratic election candidacy of Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai (in photo) as president. According to Tsvangirai, he is pulling the plug on his campaign due to the violence caused by the highly contentious contest.

This is a sad day in southern Africa because this region has the greatest potential to fuel progress for the whole continent. We have seen the overflow of Zimbabwean refugees into South Africa. The strain of this influx on the South African government revealed ugly images last seen during its own liberation struggle.

The heroes of the new South Africa are too old to see southern Africa through these latest challenges of the region. I believe President Mugabe is not a well man. And in his medical/psychological dilemma, a whole region of Africa can be destroyed. Therefore, I am calling on respected organizations such as TransAfrica to lobby the United Nations and non-governmental organizations to assist in the resolution of the problems in southern Africa.

As in the middle-east, regional problems can become international problems if left unattended.

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