Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We've come this far by faith!

To my presidential candidate of choice, Senator Barack Obama,

You remained faithful to the principals of your campaign and you won a good fight. I salute you, sir, on a job well done!

I need not remind you that the real fight has only begun. There will be many forces that will attempt to obstruct your path to the White House. But, there are many more who want to see you be successful and will help you because you have inspired us in a way that no other politician has done in quite some time. We, now, believe that a better way is possible.

It is well known that all great things that have been accomplished in the pass began with a single thought, an inspiration. That thought for this generation is “change”. That inspiration for this generation is your candidacy. We stand here, sir, in support of this movement to prove that this country can truly be a place for the whole world to respect, not by fear, but by the good that we do for the least of us!



Anonymous said...

Very innovative blog Mike, you may not remember me but I remember you.The fact that you have the pulse of the beat on the street is essential in making brothers and sisters aware of the pitfalls that besiege us. The ones we created and the ones created for us.Father Timassy played a big part in what I do now PEACE! Glenn Ford class of '69

microbrother said...

Glenn! Of course I remember you!

Great to hear from you, brother. Good news: Barack is our president-elect! Sad news: we just lost Herb Grimes (SEMA'68) His funeral is 14NOV08.