Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Justice or Just Us?

Recently, Ronnie White, a nineteen year old man allegedly struck and killed a Prince George’s County, Maryland Police Officer, Cpl. Richard S. Findley in a stolen truck. Not much more than a day later, White was found dead in his cell from strangulation. The preliminary investigation suggested that White’s death was not a suicide.

This writer was neither a witness to the crime nor condones the dreadful loss of Cpl. Findley’s life. However, I believe county officials are implicated in the taking of the law in the hands of those sworn to uphold the law in White’s death.

When I first heard of the arrest of Ronnie White, being held in custody in a Prince George’s County jail, I knew he would not survive to see his arraignment because he was deemed a “cop killer”. If murdering the accused before a trial is going to prevail, there will be no difference between our so-called modern, civilized justice system and the vigilantism of old. With the advent of recent atrocities all over the world, can one at least hope that the American legal system on these shores still works fairly?

As the economy worsens, there is a good chance that our legal system will be strained by the funneling of more people through it. Therefore, we need to continue to speak out where injustice sticks its ugly head and assure all people that they can get fair and impartial treatment in our system by holding those entrusted with insuring the law, accountable.

My heart-felt sympathy goes out to the families involved.


Villager said...

My first time visiting your blog. I like the flow...

Thank you for bringing this criminal justice situation to light...

peace, Villager

microbrother said...


Thank you. Come back again and share your thoughts.