Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Society's morals vs. human nature

Lt. Governor David Patterson (D-NY) may soon become the first black governor of the Empire State as a result of Governor Eliot Spitzer’s philandering with a known prostitute.

Historically, men (especially, powerful men) have gone this route, in spite of all of their wisdom. It begs the question: what makes us men vulnerable to the allure of sexy distractions? I think it’s the way we are wired in order to insure the viability of the human race. You have to question why the male species risk their lives to not miss the opportunity to copulate. Have you ever seen the number of dead deer laying on the side of the road during mating season?

If you asked Gov. Spitzer why he did it, he probably couldn’t give you an intelligent answer, just like Billy Clinton couldn’t. Right or wrong, it’s just the way the male species is wired. All that modern man can do to satisfy societal limitations is to try, vigorously, finding sexual satisfaction within accepted institutions. With fifty percent divorce rates, this is a challenge.

Pharmaceuticals came up with Viagra that unnaturally enhances men’s abilities, perhaps they can come up with a blue pill that can reduce philandering. We castrated stallions and bulls so that they can be more controllable. Can you imagine a society of metrosexual men?
….just a thought

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