Monday, March 10, 2008

What the hell does Hillary take the O-Man to be?

.........better yet, what is she saying about the Mississippi electorate by offering him the V.P.? Maybe she doesn’t think that the “ol’ backward and uneducated folks” down there don’t realize that she is trailing the O-Man and, just maybe, her campaign can trick them tomorrow into voting for her. Well, doesn’t that just beat all?

Girlfriend is crossing the line, here.

Her campaign is insulting the intelligence of the electorate and denigrating the O-Man’s candidacy. We all know how dirty and low-down politics can be and we should not be surprised by what comes out of these campaigns. I liken political campaigns to war. In war you have battles and skirmishes. You have spies and secret weapons. I understand all of that. But, the need to come together as a party and as a nation after the war has been fought makes it even more difficult after all of the underhanded and disrespectful things that have been said and done.

You know, you read about all of the physical violence throughout the world that takes place over political elections, or lack thereof. I can begin to understand how such things happen. Today, we have the first black man and the first woman who have a serious shot at becoming President of the United States and the stakes and emotions are very high. As an O-Man supporter, I feel every slight, every criticism, every punch, every stab and every threat that comes his way because he is the future of this world and he is my president. I have never been this passionate about any candidacy as I am now. And when I think that we have eight more months of this emotional roller-coaster to ride, I am going to have to just take a chill pill and be still.

I think the DNC needs to have a serious “sit-down” and discuss the various outcome scenarios of this presidential race. If left to its own devices, we may be facing a train wreck. With this country at war with an enemy that it doesn’t have a clue as to how to handle, the economic state and the rise of China on the international arena and other nuclear-armed countries….the balance of world power will be altered.

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