Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My epiphany

I hate to drudge up the initial O.J. trial, but I will. I’m doing it because I’m trying to be real with myself about the schism between black folk and white folk in America that became so apparent during his trial. During all of the other challenges in life, it hit me today. Sure, feel free to call ol’ microbro slow as molasses.

This may not be a revelation to you, but here it is:

For blacks experience in this country, there are not many examples of people of color having to beat the rule of white law makers at their own game recently. Oh, some of the great examples in the past have been, albeit, black athletes like boxers Jack Johnson and Mohammed Ali. In the business world there are Madame C.J. Walker and Reginald Lewis. Jack fought with courts over his liaisons with white women and continued to beat white men in the boxing ring and won. Mohammed Ali defied the courts in his arm forces draft resistance. Madame C.J. Walker competed with white cosmetic companies and became the first black female millionaire. Reginald Lewis bought major companies e.g. McCall Patterns and Beatrice Foods. Each one of these example where played within in the rules and won. We can go on talking about others, but I just wanted to name a few.

Our morning juice man, O.J., found himself in the, perhaps, highest game stakes in his life. So, he hired the best lawyer he could find, defense attorney, Johnny Cochran and they won! We all can remember where we were when the verdict was read, just as we could when Martin King and John Kennedy were shot. I, like you, saw the shock in white folk’s faces and the glee in black folks.

I think that O.J.s crime was not that important to black folks. I think that winning the game was more important and please, do not misinterpret my comments. Yes, capital crimes are not taken lightly by this writer. I am saying that in this judicial game won by Johnny and his staff, of and in itself, was the most important factor in black folk’s gleefulness. Historically, we have been largely and disproportionately found guilty of capital crimes. So, when we find ourselves in this dangerous game and win, we become ecstatic. I do not think any other people can understand this rationale, except for those people who have experience what we have in this country.

Well now, for poor ol’ O.J., he can not stay out of trouble because people with power are not going to allow him or Marion Barry sleep well at night until they win the judicial game like they think they should.

If my reasoning is off track, well, I’m sorry. That’s just the way I see it.

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